The Electric Ant Lab

The Electric Ant Lab is what you could call a "virtual rheology lab": we develop simulation models of complex fluids and run virtual experiments in the form of high-performance computer simulations. Electric Ant Lab brings state-of-the-art computational science to applications in the scientific community and industry.

High-fidelity Complex-Fluids Simulations in the HPC Cloud

We are making our high-fidelity simulation models including HPC resources accessible to everyone in the form of a one-stop-shop virtual rheology lab. It allows material scientists/engineers to virtually study and prototype complex fluids. Various small-scale interactions have been implemented together with a whole range of analysis tools to evaluate macroscopic transport and rheological properties as well as the complete dynamics of the microstructure of the materials constituents. Read more on RheoCube.


We are collaborating with a number of academic institutions on HPC modelling and experimental validation.

Soft Matter Physics
For HPC power far beyond mainstream cloud computing we rely on the resources at two of the large European HPC centers.