A Virtual Lab for Microfluidic Device Prototyping

HemoSphere will be a virtual micro-fluidics lab that allows experimental researchers to use novel simulation methods and high-performace computing resources for virtual prototyping of microfluidic blood-processing and anlysis technologies and biochips.

HemoSphere will provide a virtual environment for simulations of cellular blood flow in microfluidic devices, lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, and other biochips or blood-processing and analysis technology. It will make novel scientific simulation methods and HPC resources available for use in device development. Simulation models will run on HPC resources in the background of HemoSphere. HPC or simulation expertise are not required. HemoSphere will be able to be readily applied by device engineers as a virtual prototyping tool to rapidly and accurately predict the processes in the device. The number of physical prototypes that need to be manufactured and tested can be dramatically reduced this way.

HemoSphere will be a high-fidelity virtual microfluidics lab offered in the form of a web-based simulation service which can be accessed from everywhere. It will be a complete simulation tool to explore the performance of microfluidic devices, helping to understand and optimize devices geometry for optimal performance.
Just as in an experimental microfluidics lab, HemoSphere will give you the tools to design your device (including options for tissue lining and reactive surfaces) and test its functionality and performance under a range of experimental conditions. Highly accurate blood cell models adaptable to patient specific blood compositions and properties will be available to test separation methods or analysis techniques. A complete and intuitive data-analysis environment, including interactive 3D en Virtual Reality visualizations, will allow you to view virtually all information about the processes in the device down to the sub-cell scale.
Through HemoSphere microfluidic engineers and scientists will get user-friendly access to state-of-the-art scientific computer models. These are cutting-edge methods, validated and used in academic and industrial research. Their level of detail, physics, and biochemistry go far beyond what traditional CFD can offer.
HemoSphere's simulation codes will be fast but high-fidelity simulations of microfluidic devices are still more than a desktop workstation can handle. In the background of HemoSphere, simulations are run on parallel super-computers with top-end GPU accelerators bringing computation time down to a practicable level. All automatic. No need to think about HPC infrastructure yourself.
Usage of the simulation service will be completely on-demand and costs will only be related to actual computing hours. This will make HemoSphere interesting not only for frequent but also for occassional users like Small and Medium Enterprises. It will also make HemoSphere an attractive tool in your projects, since you only pay if and when you use it.
Your data and our services will be hosted on our dedicated in-house servers in the Netherlands. The highest security standards will be applied to the connections to the supercomputing centers. Your sensitive data will not be "somewhere in the cloud".

Partial Funding from the EU

This form of simulation-as-a-service, combining novel simulation techniques with HPC resources and an accessible interface/workflow, is very unique and technically demanding, however it gives innovative SMEs access to HPC simulation technology and this will have a positive effect on the European economy. Therefore the European Commission supports us in this challenge with funding through the FP7 project Fortissimo, a large consortium of service providers, end-users and HPC centers, pushing the accessibility of HPC simulation techniques for SME and industrial users forward.